Setting Realistic Goals

The word ‘transformation’ is daunting to me. I set the goals and I map out a plan but my follow thru is crap. I know if I stick with whatever, over time I will succeed but my the end result is too far away for my brain to comprehend the possibility. I’ve decided to start getting thru each day. Setting a goal to do what I need to do, just for the day. Like eating right & exercising. If I just say “this is what I will do today to get that ass I’ve always wanted” I know I can do that. This gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and after time the results will show. If I don’t do this, I feel like whatever I’ve done for the day wasn’t enough and I’ve failed. That feeling is one that will stop the best of intentions right in their tracks. This being said, I’ve been struggling with the motivation to go balls to the wall at the gym & at work. I don’t feel like I do my best every day. At the gym, I see all these guys with their buddies and I lose focus and lose my mojo. At work, I lazily rely on my team as they are usually 12 steps ahead of me anyway. I’m new on the team so I feel I should be able to see what’s needed and have a fresh outlook on everything. But I don’t feel like I contribute. So, since I can see these areas of opportunity, I should be able to take each day as a new chance to utilize all my resources and be the best me I can be.

Another area of concern is my pursuit of physical connections. I’ve been tossing the idea around to take a year off of all dating & sexual encounters. Get back to me. Make a better version to present.

What are things y’all do for daily motivation to meet your goals? What do you think of my idea of taking a year off dating n such? I’d like to hear some ideas of what works for y’all.



What do you think?

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