Things Get Better

Things I learned in 2014:

  • I’m stronger than I was a year ago
  • I know what I’m worth & won’t compromise
  • I’m building an empire
  • I’m okay with being single
  • I can pay off a car
  • I can move out on my own after years of having to get back on my feet
  • I can keep a dog alive
  • I can house train said dog
  • I won’t murder said dog for eating 2 pair of flipflops, 3 ball caps, strand of Christmas lights, a glass ornament & a couch
  • I’ve become more adventurous in the bedroom
  • I can motivate myself to actually go to the gym AND see results, slow as they may be
  • I can climb the corporate ladder

After years of digging out of the hole I put myself in, I realize I have succeeded in growing. This is great news. I used to think life would never get better. But it does. The best is yet to come.



What do you think?

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